How to make ultrasonic cleaning solution at home

How to make ultrasonic cleaning solution at home

Ultrasonic cleaning is an effective way to clean practically anything, from jewelry to car parts! However, just filling your ultrasonic cleaner with water often might be not enough: stubborn stain and particles may still remain on your items. 

Fortunately, some companies offer ultrasonic cleaning solutions, which, depending on the components included, can provide a significantly better results. However, these solutions can be quite costly (some of them can go for up to 50 EUR per bottle) and buying them on regular basis may not sound that attractive.

But do not worry, we got you covered! We know an easy and inexpensive way to make a homemade solution, identical to the majority of commercial analogs. And it is super cheap! In this article, we'll show you how to make it within minutes, as you probably have all the necessary ingredients at your kitchen.


1. White vinegar
2. Water
3. Dishwashing liquid


Step 1: Collect all the ingredients in one place

Make sure you have some white vinegar, a cup of water and some dishwashing liquid. Yes, it's pretty simple, we told you!

Step 2: Mix the vinegar with water

Take a measuring cup or any other container and mix the equal parts of vinegar and water (ratio 1:1). Basically, if you add a one cup of water, just add a cup of vinegar in there too.

Step 3: Adding some dishwashing detergent

Next, add a few drops of a dishwashing detergent of your choice. You don't need a lot, two-three drops should do the work, but feel free to experiment (as every dishwashing liquid is different) several times to find the perfect ratio.

Step 4: Time to stir it!

You need to make sure all the ingredients are well mixed, so stir it well before applying. If you have a possibility to mix it in a container with a cap, close the cap and shake it hard for half a minute. That's is it, your homemade ultrasonic cleaning solution is now ready to use.

Step 5: Apply the solution

Just fill the tank of your ultrasonic cleaner with a freshly made solution (if in your case it is not freshly made, just stir or shake it again before using) and place the items inside. Make sure the items are fully covered with the solution and the solution itself does not go above the "max" line. Now, turn on the ultrasonic cleaner and let it do the job.

Step 6: Rinse the items with clean water

Once the cleaning process is complete, take the items out and rinse them with some clean water. Make sure to rinse them thoroughly to eliminate all the residues of the cleaning solution. If the cleaning result is not yet perfect and you would like to clean the item one more time, make sure to empty the tank of the ultrasonic cleaner, rinse it with water and then fill with the new portion of the ultrasonic cleaning solution (it is important to not to reuse the old ultrasonic solution, as it could have accumulated the dust, oil and other pollutants from the previous cleaning).


Making an ultrasonic cleaning solution at home is super easy and cheap, so you don't have to waste money on commercial analogs. All you need is just vinegar, water and dishwashing liquid. Just follow our guide and make yourself a homemade ultrasonic solution, capable of cleaning anything, from jewelry to old coins. So next time you decide to clean something inside an ultrasonic cleaner, try this solution instead of water. You will surely be amazed with a result!

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