mfa Brand Philosophy

You have probably read many Vision statements from various companies throughout your life. Well, we did too. Most of them do not stand out, they seem very generic, complex to understand and absolutely useless in practice. Fortunately, this one is different. Ours is different.

mfa originated as a team of like-minded individuals, willing to create a brand people love. We tested and iterated various prototypes, many of which have never even reached the market: we wanted to make sure our products are not just “another ones”, but rather something special our customers memorize and, most importantly, enjoy using.

Think of any business you are a customer of. Normally, companies are active within one product category, they design a few products and then sell them for ages, while adding some questionable innovations (like a new button color) from year to year. This is a good approach business-wise, you can re-target your existing customers and upsell them something they may not even need, but are likely to buy. We could have done the same. But we did not. We did not, because we knew mfa is a brand wider than any category. Why limiting ourselves within a certain field if we can bring innovations to several ones simultaneously?

Thus, we created our own, Life Improvement products. Unlike other categories, this one cannot be found on Amazon or Ebay. Very sad, but we are not afraid to be pioneers. And we are not attempting to become a mass-brand. We prefer to target those individuals, valuing their life quality and always striving to improve it. Because with this people we have a lot in common. So, my dear friend…join our club and help mfa to fulfill its only purpose – making your life better!


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