Anti-fog Wipes for Glasses: Technology and Existing Alternatives

Anti-fog Wipes for Glasses: Technology and Existing Alternatives

If you are wearing glasses, you have definitely experienced problems with foggy lenses. Especially, during extremely cold and extremely hot weather: your glasses get foggy, you barely see anything, and wiping them with a regular cloth does not help for more than a few minutes.

In the recent years, the problem got even worse: when wearing a face mask, you get all the hot exhaled air directed right into your lenses. As a result – limited vision and pure embarrassment.

Same problem applies to motorcycle helmets, side mirrors (unless you have heating option), paintball masks, ski goggles, camera lens, snorkeling mask and many other glass surfaces we are intended to see through.

Fortunately, there is a solution and it is really simple! Meet anti-fog wipes, your little helper in fighting foggy vision.


What Causes Fog on Glasses and Other Surfaces?

At first, let’s deep dive into what this “fog” actually is. The surface of your glasses, goggles or helmet is cold, so when you enter the area with a higher outside temperature, the condensation occurs, covering the glass with little droplets of vapor. It also works the other way round: if you exit an air-conditioned building in summer, the difference in temperatures of the glass surface and the street air creates vapor.

In case with face masks, the situation is worsened by the exhaled air, which is humid and ads more water droplets on the lenses.


How Anti Fog Wipes Work?

Application of anti-fog wipe is fairly simple: you take your glasses (or any other item with glass surface), clean it, wipe it with the anti-fog wipe and there is no more visible vapor on them (or at least significantly less vapor).

The idea of making something against foggy lenses isn’t new. Originally, it was developed by NASA back in 80s in Johnson Space Center, but fortunately now it is available for public use, and not only astronauts can utilize all the benefits of this great invention.   

The special chemical compound, included in the antifog wipes, creates a change in the surface tension of your lenses, so the big droplets of vapor do not accumulate on the surface anymore. They do not disappear totally, however, due to a significantly smaller size nothing limits you vision as much as before.


Single-use anti fog wipes or reusable anti-fog wipes?

There are several options available on the market nowadays, from single-use moisturized tissues to reusable dry anti-fog wipes. We strongly recommend choosing dry anti-fog wipes because of several reasons.

  • Single-use anti-fog wipes are much more expensive, a pack of 50 pcs costs around 10-15 EUR, while the dry analogue costs less than 10 EUR (we actually offer one even cheaper) and can be reused up to 500 times.
  • If using single-use wipes, you also produce more waste and very often you would have to look for a trash bin around you, which decreases the convenience of the process a lot.
  • Some of the wet anti-fog wipes leave stains on the glass surface. This does not really solve the problem of the fog, but rather replaces one problem with another one.


What about Anti-fog Spray?

Anti-fog spray is another analogue solution to a given problem. Unfortunately, it faces same problems. If applying it on your lenses, just having a spray is not enough – you also need a wipe to evenly distribute the liquid and polish the lenses to remove stains. This is also not really convenient, as after rinsing the glasses with anti-fog spray you need to wait for some time for liquid to evaporate. Finally, the cost of this solution is relatively high. One bottle ranges from 8 to 10 EUR, which makes a dry anti-fog wipe a better solution.


Simple solution to foggy lenses

Hopefully, you now know an option to fight the foggy lenses once and forever! Check out our offer for anti-fog wipe and get one for yourself.

We do not guarantee the lowest price on the market, but we guarantee highest quality of our products and full customer satisfaction :)

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