We are responsible

At mfa, we always strive to bring high-quality products to the market and please our customers. Yet, we also constantly aim to reduce an environmental impact of our activities. In our opinion, one of the key aspects of the responsible consumption is proper disposal and recycling of used devices. Here, we will guide you on how to recycle your mfa electronic gadgets.

How to recycle your old electronic gadgets

Step 1
Visit the Take-e-Back website and choose the "Electronic equipment collection points for end users" section.

Step 2
Select the category of the device which you want to recycle.

Step 3
Select the type of the device.

Step 4
Choose your delivery amount.

Step 5
Enter your location or postal code.

Step 6
Search for the nearest take-e-back collection point in your area.

Step 7
Bring the device to the collection point and leave it there, so it can be properly recycled.

MFA Trade GmbH is an official ERP partner, which means you have the right to return an old electronic device free of charge.

  • WEEE/EAR Number: DE 69506968
  • LUCID Number: DE 5166176767361
  • Batt-Reg.-Nr.: DE 92198626

How to properly dispose of product's packaging

Yellow Bin & Yellow Bag

These containers are designed for packaging materials made from plastic, aluminum, or tinplate.

What goes into the yellow bin?
- Plastic packaging
- Plastic attachments

Blue Bin

What goes into the blue bin?
- Cardboard boxes
- Marketing papers
- User manuals
- Receipts

Black Bin

Everything that can no longer be reused or recycled ends up in residual waste. This waste is incinerated.

What goes into residual waste?
- Eye steam masks
- Anti-fog wipes
- Transportation bags
- Ear plugs
- Reusable coffee filter
- Reusable coffee capsule


Who funds this initiative?

This initiative comes at expense of MFA Trade GmbH and is realized by Take-E-Back. A variable percentage from each sale of the electronic and/or packaged product goes to fund this activity.

For how long will the initiative last?

There is no plan to stop this initiative any time soon, as the governments across the world keep facilitating environment-friendly practices and we are happy to support them.

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