10 surprising uses for bag sealers you never knew existed

10 surprising uses for bag sealers you never knew existed

A bag sealer is commonly associated with sealing bags with food (e.g. chips and other snacks), but it can be used for many other purposes. This versatile device has several surprising use cases, such as organizing your home and protecting your belongings.

So, here are 10 unexpected ways to utilize a bag sealer:

1. Seal Important Documents

wet documents can be protected with bag sealer

Very often you have important documents that should be stored and preserved carefully. And you surely don’t want to accidentally spill some tea or coffee on them. Birth certificates, passports, or legal papers can all be easily protected with the help of the bag sealer. This will safeguard them from damage caused by water, dust, and any other potential hazards.


2. Protect Your Electronics

how to protect tv remote from moisture

To protect electronic devices and prolong their lifespan while traveling, it's a good idea to utilize a bag sealer too! Creating a dust- and waterproof barrier has never been easier! So, next time your uncle drops his TV remote into soup, you know what to gift him for Christmas.


3. Keep the Brand-New Look for your Jewelry

how to keep jewelry clean

One way to keep your jewelry organized and tangle-free is to use a bag sealer. Place each individual piece of jewelry in a separate bag and seal it to ensure its protection. Could be extremely useful for really valuable pieces, those that you want to preserve and perhaps hand over to the next generations. Also, eliminating potential contact with air will keep the jewelry in its initial condition much longer. 


4. Store Small Items

For better organization and easy accessibility, use a bag sealer to keep small items such as screws, nuts, and bolts separate and prevent them from getting lost or mixed up (also, it limits the contact with air, which will help them to remain rust-free for longer).


5. Protect Your Clothing

how to store clothes properly

Easy way to protect your clothes from dust, moths, or any other potential damage while storing them for a long time. So, next time you pack your winter cloth and move it to the basement until the change of season, don’t forget to create an airtight seal around them using a bag sealer.


6. Make Ice Packs

To create an ice bag at home that can help ease muscle soreness or minimize swelling, turn a regular bag into little fridge or even make your own custom fruit ice cream to enjoy during hot summer days, just fill the bag, seal it, and place it in the freezer.


7. Create Travel Toiletry Packs

how to travel with liquids

You may have noticed that even tightly closed bottles and gels can actually leak in your suitcase during the flight. This all is because of a change in air pressure (and sometimes because of not that gentle airport staff). If you're going on a trip, try using a bag sealer to make travel toiletry packs. Take your preferred toiletries, place them inside each bag, and seal them to avoid any spills or mess inside your bag.


8. Preserve Leftover Paint

how to preserve leftover paint

To store leftover paint for touch-ups later, use a bag sealer to keep it fresh. Place the paint can or container inside the bag and securely seal it to prevent air from getting in. It will also significantly reduce any smell from the paint, which is another great advantage.


9. Make Custom Tea Bags

how to make your custom tea bags

Do you enjoy loose leaf tea but find it too messy? Try a bag sealer to make your own personalized tea bags. Simply fill the bags with your preferred tea and seal them for convenient steeping.


10. Keep Pet Food Fresh

how to keep pet food fresh for longer

To maintain the freshness of your pets' food, use a bag sealer and ensure to seal the bag after every use. This will help prevent air from entering and spoiling the food. Additionally, it will keep the original smell, so your dog or cat is likely to enjoy the food much more! 

Overall, a bag sealer has many uses beyond just sealing chips bags. It can help protect your belongings, effectively organize items at your home, or even be used for DIY projects. If you already have one, congratulations, you just leveled up your gadget! And if you are just considering buying one, now you know a lot more useful hints on how to properly apply this device to maximize its potential value (here is also a great one to purchase, have a look).

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